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Key in some numbers in the mortgage calculator and check out a potential payment on a particular property! Please keep in mind that the payment noted does not include taxes or insurance on the property! Taxes are reflective of the municipality in which the home resides! Insurance will depend on how the property is insured and any protection riders that you may want to add. This will give you a good guideline though of the principal and interest payments!

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Interest rates are always in the news! The fact is that an interest rates are very key in the calculation of payment. It is truly amazing how a lower interest rate makes such a difference. However rates are not the only fees that you will pay. Like interest, there are other expenses, called closing costs, that should also be factored in when considering a mortgage opportunity.It's always best to shop the APR of a loan, which also takes into consideration those closing costs along with mortgage rates as it relates to that mortgage company's total gross income on a particular loan. Always consult a mortgage professional to help you! Factors such as your credit score, employment or 1099, debt vs your income ratios, etc, play a key role in your interest rate! I can put you in touch with several great lenders. Let me know how I can help you!

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